Our mission is to improve the clinical trial experience.

Emilie Scientific was started by a group of passionate physicians, researchers, clinical operations experts, and technologists who set out to change the way clinical trials are conducted by putting patients at the center. By pairing cutting-edge digital technology with advanced data analytics, we simplify the recruitment experience and create operational efficiencies that make it easier for each clinical trial to stay focused on creating life-changing outcomes.

Emilie Scientific exists to transform the way clinical trials are conducted by creating intelligent connections between physicians, researchers, clinical operations experts and patients. Using cutting-edge digital technology and advanced data analytics, we put every patient at the center and empower them to find their way to trials that match their specific health needs.

Our Name

Émilie du Châtelet was an intrepid natural philosopher of the 18th century who fought and succeeded in overturning establishment thinking and laid the foundations of the modern scientific method. Her methods were creative, courageous and methodical and helped greatly improve the commonplace understanding of science. Emilie Scientific aims to embody that very boldness of spirit and commitment to rigorous methods to further humanity’s understanding of health and disease.